At Downsview, we take great pride in the design, workmanship and quality of our products. Throughout the various manufacturing operations, a concerted effort is made to produce only material which conforms to our rigid product specifications. After installation, we continue to fully support the Downsview name by providing the best warranty in the business. All products manufactured by Downsview are warranted for a full five years from the date of shipping from the factory against defects in material and workmanship.

Variations or changes in colour of solid wood and wood veneer products are a factor of the typical aging process. These changes are accelerated by exposure to the air and ultraviolet radiation and are not covered by warranty. Warranty is also void where misuse, abuse or high humidity are evident and when extreme signs of heat or sun light exposure are noticeable.

All hardware, drawer slides and interior metal accessories are also covered by a five year mechanical warranty from the various manufacturers and backed by Downsview. Should any of these items fail to perform during this time, return it to your Downsview representative for a replacement part.


A one (1) year warranty covers, under normal use, all knobs and handles supplied by Downsview.


Wood is a natural product, all wood used in our cabinets is kiln dried, but there is no warranty against warpage, expansion or shrinkage.

During the cold and dry winter season or in an air condition environment there is a reduction of relative humidity which in turn lowers the moisture content of all solid woods in the home. As wood loses some of its moisture it shrinks in size and hairline cracks will appear between adjacent pieces. The same outcome is noticeable with above normal humidity in the environment and consequent increase in size of the wood. These are natural phenomenon. The appearance of the cracks in the wood is not a need for concern as they will close again at the change of the season.

When ordering additions or replacements for an existing installation, we require a large sample (such as a door) from the original installation for colour match. Colours will be matched as closely as possible. Please note that the original colour will change from exposure to air and light. A sample for colour match must be received before order can be processed.


All Glaze finishes (Antique, Brushed or Weathered) are normally produced on MDF, an extremely hard wood fiber material that has been used successfully by Downsview for several years. Even though it requires considerably more time to apply the hand finishes to this material than to hard wood, Downsview has perfected a method that achieves the same characteristics and at the same time offers a finished product that will not crack due to temperature and humidity changes.

If the home location is not subjected to conditions that warrant a stable door material or the homeowner may not be bothered by hairline cracks in the door frames, Glaze finishes can be produced as special order on kiln dried solid Maple or solid Alder.
As wood ages, or is exposed to a dry environment, it loses some of its moisture causing it to shrink slightly in size. This will induce hairline cracks to appear between adjacent pieces.
Also when exposed to high humidity (typically found near bodies of water, in sub-tropical climates or during extreme summer weather), wood may absorb moisture and expand. These are natural occurrences.  The appearance of cracks does not affect the structural integrity of the door frame and cannot be claimed as manufacturing defects. As such, Downsview’s product warranty does not cover replacement of glaze finishes on wood doors that crack due to these natural conditions.

In the case a client is requesting the use of solid wood as a base for Glaze finishes the proper `Acceptance’ form must be completed and submitted with the orders. Addition and replacement orders will be covered under the original form. Failure to submit this form with the order will result in the order being held until the completed form is received.